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GT50 Professional Grade Plug In Adjustable Ionic Air PurifierAir pollution indoors poses serious health risks. If you're not sold on the idea of getting air purifiers like a Greentech air purifier, consider this: studies about indoor air pollution reveal that air quality inside buildings is often at least two times more polluted compared to the air quality outside. Most people spend their days indoors so indoor air quality is not something you can ignore. After all, you're talking about the very air you breathe here.

Greentech GT50 air purifier

To get you started on improving air quality inside your home or workplace, it would help if you actually knew where indoor air pollution is originating from and what they mean for your health. For the most part anyway, getting a Greentech air purifier is about cleaning the air you breathe for your health. Below are some of the top sources of indoor air pollution as identified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States:

Tobacco smoke (secondhand smoke) the chemicals that come from tobacco smoke are left in the air long after the smoker has taken his last puff. The problem here is that the health effects of tobacco smoke does not affect the smoker alone. Anyone else who is left to inhale tobacco smoke runs the risk of developing lung cancer, other lung ailments, and heart disease, as well as the worsening of asthma symptoms and general irritation of the nose, throat, lungs, and eyes.

If you don't have a Greentech GT50 air purifier yet, you can get started on improving your health by keeping your home or workplace smoke-free. If no one smokes indoors, none of the chemicals from the smoke will be left behind so theres nothing harmful for you to inhale.

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Biological sources while you can count in your hands the number of people living with you in your home, the unfortunate truth is that you and your family are not the only life forms present. Forget about your pets, but mold, mildew, and even insects play a part in polluting your air indoors. The kind of health risk you are looking at will generally vary according to the kind of pollutant present. However, regardless of the pollutants, you are more or less looking at breathing problems, eye irritations, and fevers.

This is why you're going to want a Greentech air purifier because a Greentech air purifier takes care of whatever mold, mildew, and insects may be releasing in the air. Doubly unfortunate is the fact that you can't completely get rid of biological sources. You can only do your best to keep them at bay by washing beddings and dusting regularly and, of course, getting Greentech air cleaners. Please avoid using pesticides and insecticides because these are in themselves indoor air pollutants.

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Greentech GT50 air purifier

Carbon monoxide carbon monoxide is odorless, tasteless, and colorless so you can't detect it on your own. However, it's floating around in the air you breathe for sure if you have any kind of stove at home, furnace, chimney, heater, or anything that burns anything. Without an ion air purifier, carbon monoxide attacks your central nervous system, with low-level exposure making you feel sluggish and inexplicably lethargic. The more exposure you get of course, the worse the symptoms are, with symptoms progressing to include headaches, dizziness, nausea, and lack of coordination. Extreme levels of exposure can also lead to death.

Respirable particles anything that you can easily inhale is a respirable particle. Like other pollutants, respirable particles can cause irritations and ailments like bronchitis. Get exposed to enough respirable particles and you can even develop cancer. Apart from getting your hands on a Greentech air purifier, you can also keep the levels of respirable particles down by properly maintaining devices that cause them like stoves and heaters. You can also make the move to keep your home smoke free and ensure proper ventilation.

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Formaldehyde formaldehyde is an organic compound, a gas that exists at room temperature. It is invisible but has a distinct smell that allows for easy identification. Common formaldehyde sources that pollute indoor air include glues, tobacco smoke, and textiles like press drapes. The top source of formaldehyde though are pressed wood pieces that have urea-formaldehyde resins. These are mostly furniture and building materials, like hardwood plywood paneling, particle boards, and medium-density fiberboards. Homes built during the 1970s will find most use for an ion air cleaner in removing formaldehyde in the air. Without a Greentech air purifier, serious health problems like cancer can be caused by formaldehyde exposure, if exposure involves concentration levels high enough.

There are all sorts of causes for indoor air pollution and there are specific things you can do to keep pollution down. However, you cannot cover everything and it's considerably inconvenient to even try so you're better off just getting a Greentech air purifier. This is because a Greentech air purifier will take care of most causes of indoor pollution. Just how much of a pollutant is removed in the air will depend on the kind of Greentech air purifier you have. One of the options available to you is the Greentech air purifier GT50. Its features include:

  • Compact size ideal for small spaces like small offices, cubicles, lockers, cabinets, closets, and pet areas, as well as laundry areas, bathrooms, garages, and garbage spots.
  • Plug-in design means no need for batteries and great for travelers to use in any hotel room because it is very quiet
  • Easy to adjust and operate and consumes low energy so it doesnt affect your energy bill a lot
  • Eliminates smoke and odors and significantly reduces the level of mold, bacteria, and viruses in an area

Greentech air purifiers can easily be bought online so you should not have any trouble getting your hands on an air purifier. Most online sellers also offer various payment methods for your convenience and will ship wherever you are in the world. Just make sure to buy from a reputable seller to ensure your safety and to guarantee that you do indeed get your hands on Greentech air purifiers.

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